Bringing hope to Haiti


Products such as: dog leashes, feather pillows, and cosmetic bags are made by women in Minoterie, Haiti to help them escape prostitution. Every purchase provides a better future.


The Story of Hope Sewn


 It all began in the spring of 2018. I was hearing from the Lord that I should give $5000.00 away. Work was doing very well and over the course of May and June I kept hearing “give $5000 away” but I did not know who to give it to, so I just waited. I need to say at the same time that the sales of my business were booming which caused our cash flow to become very low and we had just about maxed out our business line of credit. My accountant and I decided that we better call our bank and raise our line of credit limit so that we had money to operate with until our customers paid us over the coming months. I received an email from my friend, Ricardo who said that he had been given a building to use rent free for two years to start a sewing shop to help the women of his town Minoterie.


The town of Minoterie is located next to the sea where a large Flour mill and Cement plant are located. Trucks from all over the country of Haiti drive to these plants to pick up their loads of Flour or cement and many of them will stay the night in Minoterie as they will need to drive a long distance the next day to their destination. With the unemployment rate in Haiti around 70%, most of the women in the city of Minoterie have had to resort to prostitution to provide food and schooling for their children. This has bothered my Friend Ricardo and his wife Miriele for a long time. So as Ricardo shared what he was thinking of, he asked if I could help the ladies out by supplying a couple of electric, and two foot peddle operated sewing machines for the sewing shop. I told him I would help them out with more than that, as I was being led to give some money away and that his plans fit well into some of my hopes and dreams from my past. I was able to supply 9 sewing machines, supplies and a generator and had them shipped to Haiti. They received all of the goods in July in time to learn how to sew and make school uniforms for the local children.


Now, I need to go back to the issue I was having in June with our cash flow at work. Our line of credit was just about maxed out and I had applied with our bank to increase our line of credit by 25% so that we would have operating capital needed for my company until our customers paid us over the following two months. What I did not share earlier was that I purchased all of the goods not really knowing if we would have enough funds for our company, but I did know that the small voice inside was telling me to give $5000 away. So within two weeks of giving the sewing supplies to Haiti, our Line of Credit went from $600,000 to Zero. We had just received  word from our bank that our line of credit was increased to $750,000.00 however we no longer needed it. In 31 years of business we have never been paid so fast by so many of our customers. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me and my accountant, this was truly amazing. So when our line of credit when from $600,000 to zero I knew it was a sign from Jesus that he wanted me to help his daughters in Haiti out of Prostitution. In December my wife Chris and I took a short trip down to Haiti to see the new shop that has now been named Hope Sewn. We arrived and got right to work making sample feather pillows using chicken feathers from the local poultry plant. Our samples turned out well and we are now in the process of finding sales avenues for our pillows in Haiti. Chris worked with the ladies on refining their sewing skills and coordinating fabrics for the cosmetic bags they have been making.

-Ron Lyrek, co-founder of Hope Sewn

Hope Sewn Products