Mireille Prophete


Mireille Prophete is 19 years old, born in March 12, 2000. Mireille lives with her parents. She stopped going to school early because her parents couldn't afford money to pay her monthly school fees. Mireille is the only person that actually works in the house, however now, because of her new job at Hope Sewn, she is able to provide food for herself and her family.


Bilha Flore Oleus


Bilha Flore Oleus is 27 years old, born in October 19, 1992. Bilha lives with her mother, her little brother and sister. Bilha finished with her High school education in July 2013, but she couldn't go college to continue her education, or find a job to take care of herself or her family. She accidentally got pregnant 2 years ago and gave birth to her baby named Aisha. Now Bilha is very proud to have a job for the first time in her life at Hope Sewn, and be able to help herself and her family.


Dieucilia Saint-Fort


Dieucilia Saint-fort is 34 years old, born in December 15, 1985. Mother of two children. Life was very difficult for Dieucilia to raise her children, however now she is excited to be trained and have a job at Hope Sewn. She now has hope for herself and her children.


Myrlanda Joseph


Myrlanda Joseph is 33 years old, born in March 16, 1986. Myrlanda is from a Family of 9 people. She had a difficult life because her parents couldn't help all of their children without a job and Myrlanda had to do what she could to survive. She used to live with nothing, only with the hope that God will provide something during the day. Now Myrlanda is proud to be part of Hope Sewn ladies, with a needle, sewing hope for herself and her family.


Adeline Prophete


Adeline Prophete is 31 years old. She is the oldest from a family of five people. As her mom and dad can’t find work, Adeline is the one that had to do her best to take care of her family. Adeline now has three children and she is very excited to be on the Hope Sewn staff, working towards a better life.


Nicolle Clergeau


Nicolle Clergeau is 55 years old. Mother of three children, Nicolle's husband died five years ago, since then she has raised her children alone. Nicolle enjoys her new life alongside the young ladies at Hope Sewn.


Edna Jean


Edna Jean, 31 years old. Mother of two beautiful children. Edna loves to sew and work alongside of these beautiful ladies at Hope Sewn.